Titanic’s 100th Anniversary – Where will you be?

Home from your summer vacation and wondering how to bring something more meaningful to next year’s travels?

How about Titanic? The 100th anniversary of the sinking is April 15th, 2012.

If you are truly adventurous, and wealthy, you might consider a $60,000 ticket to dive down to the Titanic and see the resting leviathan with your own eyes.

Less expensive, and greatly appealing for many, are the memorial cruises for the anniversary. My guess is you might find some people on board who are truly interesting fellow fanatics with history, detail, memorabilia and stories to share.

If you have plans to be in Europe next summer, Belfast has awakened to the profitable opportunities of being the birthplace of Titanic and has invested a great deal of money into creating a Titanic Quarter. This sounds truly interesting to me.

Of course there are many other communities that have a special connection to Titanic, including South Hampton and Halifax, which I will talk about in future postings.

I would also love to hear what your plans you are making, and what you have learned about places to gather for the anniversary.