Viral Winnipeg Videos

The Canadian News organizations and talk shows are abuzz with the latest viral video sensation to hit the Internet.  Sean Quigley, a 16 year old student and mega talent from Winnipeg, is fielding phone calls and juggling interviews since his joyful rendition of The little Drummer Boy was posted late last week.  This video was shot, directed and edited by Sean with borrowed equipment and a little help from his family and friends.  Well done!

It made me think it would be fun to make a listing of the videos that go viral from Winnipeg. I will add to this from time to time, so please do let me know if you see videos that should be included on this page!

This video for the Winnipeg Humane Society made the rounds some time ago but I thoroughly enjoy it.

Maria Aragon of Winnipeg caught the attention of the Ellen show with her outstanding talent in this video of her singing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.