Praise for Ravenscraig

“Sandi Altner reminds me of a young Isaac Bashevis Singer. As a rule, I steer away from epic period pieces, but this one is quite extraordinary.  The flow is wonderful, from the poverty and hard lives of the family overseas and their dreams of reuniting with loved ones in London … to the sale of Ravenscraig and the efforts of Willows to get into Winnipeg’s high society. Excellent and gripping.”

                     ~Bill Haugland, Former News Anchor, CTV Montreal

I was one of the judges for the Carol Shields award. I just wanted to (finally!) say what a beautiful book you wrote. So compelling, a pleasure to read, and so meticulously researched! It was well-deserving of the prize. Mazel tov!

~Sidura Ludwig, author of Holding My Breath, Toronto

 “Wonderful…Welcome to Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs with a Winnipeg twist.”

~ Ron Robinson, Winnipeg Free Press

“Ravenscraig provides a fascinating insight into early Jewish migration.”

~Bernie Bellan, Winnipeg Jewish Post and News

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Winnipeg Free Press Review,

Ravenscraig Review: “Ravenscraig” provides fascinating insight into early Jewish migration to Winnipeg

Winnipeg Jewish Review Praises Ravenscraig: “The Story of My Own Family”

Readers’ Reviews:

“A masterpiece. Ravenscraig grabbed me, shook me and never let me go. I devoured it in only two sittings. Thoroughly researched and brilliantly crafted, it is a story that every Canadian should read and then pass on to every immigrant, every Jew and every American they know. It is a story that could only bring good things to the world.”
-Lee Harrison, Montreal

“Absolutely fabulous!”
-Donna Turner, Regina SK

“This is a beautiful, romantic story, in the grand tradition of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind. I loved it.”
-Karen Boxer, New York

“This book is amazing in its depiction of late 1800s and early 1900s Winnipeg. The city was a hotbed of immigration and this book accurately depicts the history and immigration of a Jewish family from the “old country” to Winnipeg. The other side of the coin is the depiction of a wealthy family becoming one of the movers and shakers in the rapidly growing city. Throw in a tie to the Titanic sinking of 1912 and you have an amazing read. The dichotomy between the poor and the wealthy along with the rapid expansion of a city that is the Chicago of the North gives you an insight into what makes the modern city the ethnic melting pot that it is today. Fascinating and educational as well as entertaining.”
-Shell Beckwith (5 Star review posted on Amazon)

“Destined to be a classic.”
-Manuel Gottlieb, New York

“Superb. It is a book that almost seems to have been written specifically for me, referring to landmarks that have meaning to me, involving Jewish immigrants who resemble what my great-grandparents were like, and reflecting the attitude and hope that I have in life.  Ravenscraig will be to Manitoba what Anne of Green Gables is to Prince Edward Island.”
-Louis Kessler, past president of the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada, Winnipeg

“What a wicked and delightful yarn. It kept me in total suspense.”
-Sally Ling, Author, Boca Raton, FL
“A wonderful story. Well written and very moving.  It brought tears to my eyes.”
-Lee Jameson-Krampp, Palm Beach

“It brings back fond memories for me especially the reference to Winnipeg’s Selkirk Avenue. I found myself looking forward to getting back to reading it every chance I got until I finished it.”
-Laurie Mainster, Winnipeg

“I absolutely loved Ravenscraig!”
-Christine Winiarz Searle, Ottawa

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