Winnipeg Titanic Passenger Esther Bloomfield Hart

titanic1912Titanic Anniversary

My thoughts in April always come back to Titanic.  It is 101 years since the tragic sinking of the grand ocean liner when it struck an iceberg late on April 14th, 2012.  The gashed hull quickly put the ship in peril and it was less than three hours later that the ship slipped beneath the sea, taking with her over 1500 lives.  The survivors huddled together agains the freezing area, bobbling about in lifeboats through the night.  705 making it to safety when the rescue ship, the Carpathia came.

hart_poupeeEva Hart’s Mother Recalls Titanic Tragedy

A little girl named Eva Hart was on Titanic with her parents.  They had left their home in Ilford, England and were on there way to begin a new life in Winnipeg, Canada. Eva and her mother survived the sinking and much later in her life, Eva did a number of interviews about her experience.  Her mother, Esther, was not as anxious to talk to the media, but she did give a harrowing first account to her local paper when she returned to England with Eva.  Here is a previous post where you can read Esther’s story about the sinking of the Titanic.

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