Storytellers: Nirvan Mullick, Filmmaker of “Caine’s Arcade”.

Nirvan Mullick stopped in at a car parts store in East Los Angeles and stumbled across a story for his next film.  Toiling away in the back of the shop he found a genius.  Not the car parts guy (who happens to be a very likable guy named George), but his nine-year-old son, Caine.

Caine was spending his summer vacation coming to work with his dad to keep him company.  In short order, Caine began building a business of his own. With cardboard boxes, tape and a powerful imagination, the boy created Caine’s Arcade and opened for customers.

Nirvan had to play.  And then the filmmaker had to tell the story of this terrific father and son team.


The 11-minute film has been a huge success and has helped to raise money for Caine to go to college and also to help other imaginative young entrepreneurs fund their dreams.  Learn more by clicking here to get to Caine’s Arcade.

Caine’s tips for entrepreneurs.

By the way, if you have dreams of opening your own business, here are 5 suggestions from Caine.

Nirvan tells us these were written on an Air France barf bag as the two returned from a trip to Paris.

1. Be nice to customers.
2. Do a business that is fun.
3. Do not give up.
4. Start with what you have.
5. Use recycled stuff.

I’m going to print this out and stick it up on my desk.

Thanks, Caine.

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