Discovering Ari Seth Cohen

It’s wonderful to start off the New Year with an exceptional find. For me it was discovering Ari Seth Cohen who blogs about fashion. This is not your regular take on what you need to buy, or which shoes are the latest “must have”. This is about attitude, storytelling and embracing life. Visit his blog at and be inspired. Here is a delightful trailer for an upcoming documentary on Ari’s work. It’ll make your day.

The trailer for the Advanced Style Documentary debuted at a Paris film festival in 2011 called A Shaded View of Fashion.  Cohen has teamed up with Lina Plioplyte, a New York-based freelance videographer for the production.

According to the New York Times, Advanced Style gets 100,000 hits a month and has 5,ooo followers.

Lynn Dell believes living is a party to be enjoyed and she dresses every day as if she was invited to the biggest and best of them. Her credo: "Dress for the theatre of your life." - Ari Seth Cohen

I started Advanced Style to present a fresh perspective on aging.

The ladies I photograph take pride in how they look and their style is a reflection of their vitality and spirit. One of my favorite ladies, Debra Rapoport, believes in the healing power of style. Dressing up gives her joy and in turn her colorful outfits inspire creativity and merriment in others. Debra lives by the mantra, “Look Good, Feel Good. Feel Good, Look Good.” The fashion she and the other advanced style ladies display is merely a reflection of the care and thought they put into every aspect of their lives. The energy they expend towards dressing is manifested in their passion for living life to the fullest.The Healing power of style is a reciprocal process that can benefit each one of us. Let’s all try a little harder to dress up, feel good, and appreciate beauty in others.

-Ari Seth Cohen, from his website.

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