Montreal Anglos Moving Back – Terry DiMonte

An era has come to an end in Calgary morning radio with Terry DiMonte packing up his boots and ten gallon hat and heading back to Montreal. I’ve been following this story because Terry is taking a terrific gamble that many former Montrealers only dream of taking. Montreal is a fabulous city to call home. So is Calgary. I’ve lived in both over the years. One has mountains in view from town; the other “The Mountain” from which to view the city.

Sandi Krawchenko, reporter, CFCF TV, Montreal

I moved to Montreal from my hometown, Winnipeg, in 1980 and lived there for 12 years, working as a reporter/anchor/entertainment editor at CTV Montreal, which was then known as Pulse News on CFCF TV. Montreal is the kind of city you fall in love with. A cosmopolitan French city with an international flair, and known as one of “the coolest” cities in the world, according to a recent survey, it is an international jewel, where every taste can be satisfied, and the bagels are the best in the world.

There is a constant intensity of emotion in the city that inspires passion, strong debate and a deep appreciation for the better aspects of city life. It’s a party town with a joie de vivre that bubbles out of a heated political reality–two dominant cultures working out their conflicts and accommodations over a colourful 400 year history.

Add to that the ease of getting out of Montreal for Le Weekend “up north” or in the townships, or even skiing in Vermont, and you start to have a sense of the appeal of making Montreal home. It is as easy as it is difficult to be comfortable in Montreal.

This is Quebec. A life of contrasts. Beautiful, cantankerous, heartbreaking and exciting. I’ve talked to a number of people who have returned to Montreal after being away, and the experience was perhaps best summed up by this comment from a business associate:

“In some ways, it is like going back into a volatile love relationship. You fully appreciate the problems but can’t resist the appeal of being intensely alive, so you go back, and hope for the best.”

Here’s wishing Terry DiMonte a great ride in his new start in Montreal.

You’ll hear him on CHOM, January 9, 2012.

4 thoughts on “Montreal Anglos Moving Back – Terry DiMonte

  1. Chris Rodger

    DND brought me to Montreal in 1984. I saw those days when Doré was mayor and nearly ruined the entire downtown commerce. I left for a 4 year tour of duty in Germany, but at my request I returned to Montreal in 1992. The city was still suffering in the early 90s, but you could tell things were on the upswing. I’m now out of the military, but I never left the city. Originally I’m from Ontario, but when I’m asked where I’m from, the answer is always Montreal.

    Thanks for your article, and welcome back Terry DiMonte!

  2. Al Reade

    I left Montreal for DND in ’83 as Terry was just making his mark. I was always a radio junkie always listening and following the personalities around the dial. From Ralph Lockwood to Aaron Rand to Terry Dimonte, what a great radio city. I followed Montreal radio as often as I could and as the Internet developed in the early ’90s it became much easier to maintain this following.
    I returned to our fair city in ’05 retired from the military and working for a defence contractor for what was planned for a three year stint. I tuned into my old standby CHOM as I settled back into my home town and found Terry Ted and Kim and to be an excellent show and truly felt back home. CHOM was the only channel in the car and home stereo for me, I really started to enjoy Tim Morgan’s drive home show… what a great station. It was tough to witness the team start to come apart as Kim departed… then Terry and finally Ted.
    Well as you have seen Montreal’s attraction is certainly a strong one and I am still here after passing up a transfer back to Canada a couple of years ago!!!
    A lot has changed in Montreal radio since Terry left and I am not sure for the best. I find myself only listening to local radio for 15 minutes or so now and find Sirius to be the most pleasant thing to listen to in my car.
    I wish Terry the very best on his return and hope he brings the magic back to the relatively flat airways of Montreal.
    Welcome Home Terry! I’ll be listening!!!

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