Titanic’s 100th Anniversary – Where will you be?

Home from your summer vacation and wondering how to bring something more meaningful to next year’s travels?

How about Titanic? The 100th anniversary of the sinking is April 15th, 2012.

If you are truly adventurous, and wealthy, you might consider a $60,000 ticket to dive down to the Titanic and see the resting leviathan with your own eyes.

Less expensive, and greatly appealing for many, are the memorial cruises for the anniversary. My guess is you might find some people on board who are truly interesting fellow fanatics with history, detail, memorabilia and stories to share.

If you have plans to be in Europe next summer, Belfast has awakened to the profitable opportunities of being the birthplace of Titanic and has invested a great deal of money into creating a Titanic Quarter. This sounds truly interesting to me.

Of course there are many other communities that have a special connection to Titanic, including South Hampton and Halifax, which I will talk about in future postings.

I would also love to hear what your plans you are making, and what you have learned about places to gather for the anniversary.

2 thoughts on “Titanic’s 100th Anniversary – Where will you be?

  1. Hi Sandi,
    My name is George Watters and my wife Yvonne and myself formed a new company in Canada
    and we are now the Canadian connection to the Largest Titanic Gift store in Europe –
    White Star Momentos – owned by 2 brothers Ed and Stephen Larkin.
    I came across your website while surfing the web about more stories on the RMS Titanic.
    We have already celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Launch of the Titanic in Canada.
    With a 100th Anniversary Cruise celebration of that magical day in Belfast.
    That was back on the 31st May this year. We sold out the cruise in Toronto harbour and had over 200 people on board the Jubilee Cruise ship in Toronto Harbour.
    On board we had 2 living relatives of the 2 wireless operators who were on board the RMS Titanic
    on the maiden voyage. Andrew Phillips is a relative of Jack Philips and we also have on board a Terry Wilson who is related to Harold Bride the other operator who survived the sinking.
    Also on board was Alan Hustak a author of the book Titanic – The Canadian Story.
    Everyone on board that evening had a wonderful time listening to a good friend of mine Hugo Straney who is an entertainer from Toronto. Hugo like myself is originally from Belfast so
    that is were the connection is for me opening up this new business.
    Please check out my new website for more info rmstitanic.ca and while on board you should also check out whitestarmomentos website.

    I hope to hear from you in the near future.

    We are hoping to have another Titanic Cruise in Toronto Harbour next April as long as the weather cooperates.
    Please keep in touch.

    from another Titanic fan
    George Watters
    Watters Marketing Inc.
    Tel: 905-668-2135

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