Titanic Strikes the Iceberg, April 14, 1912

It was 99 years ago that the Titanic was racing across the North Atlantic to break speed records for crossing from Britain to New York.  Titanic’s maiden voyage ended in disaster with more than 1,500 people on board perishing in the shipwreck of the world’s grandest steamship.  Only 705 made it to the lifeboats and safety on the rescue ship, the Carpathia.  It was on April 14th, just before midnight that the Titanic smashed into an iceberg.

The disaster is remembered in this British documentary that features survivor Edith Louis Rosenbaum who was better known as Edith Russell.  She carried a toy pig that she later credited as playing a major role in her getting into a life boat.

To learn more about Edith Rosenbaum, please see the Encyclopedia Titanica website.

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